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20 MIN Dumbbell Full Body Workout – Compound Movements | NO REPEAT

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(logo whooshes) – Hi everyone and welcome. So today we have a 20 minute full body workout. The timer, 40 seconds of work, 20 second rest, for pretty much the entire session. Each exercise will be performed for only one set.

So yes, this is no repeat. Pretty much every single exercise will be a compound movement. All you’ll need for today’s session is your mat and some dumbbells. The dumbbells I’m using for your reference are two 15 kg each dumbbells.

I will then, towards the end, drop to two 7.5 kilogramme dumbbells. Of course, you can use a barbell, or kettlebells or some bands, if you prefer for some portions of this session. This is a great all over body workout when you just wanna get it done in 20 minutes.

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Even though this is a short duration of a full body workout involving dumbbells, we’re still gonna control those dumbbells at all times. We’re not gonna focus on as many reps as possible. We’re gonna focus on as many quality reps as possible.

The main reason I’m actually on today is just to say a big thank you. I’ve had messages wondering if I’m okay, where am I? And as you may have seen from the Q and A, I have been working on something. The truth is I’ve had my head down.

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I’ve been in the zone and I’ve been working really hard. I am working on a project and it is coming soon. And whilst I haven’t been here uploading on YouTube, it is awesome to see so many of you working through the programmes series and the one off sessions.

I know it’s been a fun time for many of you to actually explore the other workouts whilst we haven’t been in a programme. I genuinely miss actually training with you guys, so I look forward to actually training on a regular basis again really soon.

But in the meantime, I hope you smash this session. And no matter how you’re moving your body, I hope you’re really enjoying it and feeling awesome for it. 20 minute full body workout, dumbbells and your mat, are you ready? Let’s go.

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