20-Minute Full Body HIIT Workout with Weights

20-Minute Full Body HIIT Workout with Weights

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Hi, I’m Lindsay Bomgren of Nourish Move Love, and this is your 20-minute full-body workout. All you need is a set of dumbbells. I got 15s grab a medium to heavy set of dumbbells and we are gonna run through a 20 minute, workout circuit style, 45 seconds on 15.

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If you want some premium apparel at discount prices and seriously, these 2xu leggings are incredible and you can check them out at Let’S get started with this workout. Okay, we’re gonna go through a quick warm-up.

You guys I’m talking quick, so feet are shoulder width. This is the part and you’re going right down, swap squat it out we’re going to do a quick warm-up, and then we are jumping right into this 20 minute workout.

You need more time to warm up. You can always do that. Okay, nice right, give me four. Three two and one plant your hands to the ground, step right back to plank right here, step your right foot outside your right hand pulse to switch pulse to switch open up those hips, yep, open them up and right away.

Nice work pulse to switch post. Two more right here, pulse to switch pulse to two step. Your other foot up, spin. It right up check it out Jack Jack’s right into the jumping jack up your option here here.

This is low-impact. I think if the options, low impact or high impact you gonna choose today, yeah nice, give me four three to one set: it down is pedal. Your arms back, pedal, pedal pedal core is tight, yes, switch direction, take it forward coming at ya.

Boom boom boom. Nice work, that’s work, 4, 3, 2, 1, run it out high knees, hup-hup-hup get him up boom up nice work. Yes, you got it pull-up. Three: eight seven, six, five, four three two one quick set nice and wise squat lunge, squat lunge, yes, boom nice work, Rickman jump right into this workout, starting with squats and lunges.

It’S gonna be fun. You guys, nice, give me three. Yes, two and one like. I said if you need more of a warm-up, please do that now, otherwise we’re jumping in cuz. We only got 20 minutes together 45 seconds on 15 seconds of rest move number one lunge lunge, thruster, pick up your weight.

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Show you what it looks like you front, racket, you go lunge! You go lunge squat thrust you’re on in three two. Here we go so I step back to lunge, step back to lunge, come to a squat down, thrust overhead.

You got it repeat it lunge! Lunge! Doesn’T matter what foot you leave it? Just each one gets one Ruster 45 seconds right here. Yes, talk about a way to start a workout boom, big, powerful move right here, lunge lunge, you got it weight stays in the heels heel, big move! Now, if you don’t like keeping the weights at your shoulders, you can always keep them down boom, but I’m keeping them up.

You got 10 more seconds right here and then you get a break. Sounds good yeah. Let’S do it four five four three, two one nice work, one weight we’re going down to the ground you’re on 15-second break; I’m gonna show you what’s coming you’re gonna a push-up single arm row, sound good cuz you’re on in three two one setup give Me a push-up, then row you’re just doing one arm right now it doesn’t matter which one you do, the other one, the next time, through your option, drop to the knees pushup.

You can take the row right here: option knees for the push-up come back to the toes for that row. You could choose okay, this is your workout. You do you you’re here for 45 seconds. I want you to do something that you can maintain for all 45 seconds.

Okay, I don’t want you breaking for that 45 seconds of work. 15 seconds of rest. That means during those 45 seconds we go hard. Yes, you got it stay with me. You got 5 4, 3 2 and break next move. Burpee snatch looks like this alternating snatch, burp a step back or jump back snatch, Burpee yeah, 45 seconds and you’re on in three two one.

So I do a snatch boom pop it over head, hop back or step back boom, the big explosive movement that snatch yes boom, that weight stays close to the body. Power comes from my hips, not for my arm. Okay, this is not a curl press.

This is not something that my arm drive come from. My life come on stay in it boom big, powerful movement, and this one you get your heart rate up, yes, 15 seconds. Yes, you can keep moving for all 45 seconds stay here in it.

You got it. Give me 5, 4, 3, 2 and recover 15. Second rest, I’m gonna show you move number 4 man. We are moving, take the weight in your right hand, okay, standing on your left leg, single leg, deadlift up, press overhead you’re on in three two.

Here we go single egg deadlift, we’ll find that balance, punch, overhead, same arms, eglee balance. Can i without a tap? Do you need it and then press okay balance on the way down stand up, punch your option, tap back big movement, find that core strength find that balance put the other arm out for counterbalance boom up and over 15 seconds this one.

It’S not a speed game. This one is slow and study strength right here, yeah woo, you got it four three, two and right rat you’re on break all right. Wood chop swing right here. Feet are a little bit wider than shoulder width, distance down and up you’re just swinging like you’re chopping wood.

You want to intensify up hope. You got a jack you’re on in three two one pup-pup, it’s a big swing. Movement is a big heavy axe. In your hand, again that momentum not coming from your arms you’re powering it from you’re like that’s, what’s punching that weight overhead boom core stays tight back is turned on this.

Okay, alright, in a hurry, so your option right here boom boom, you’re chopping wood boom boom. Now this is a little bit more upper body focus red. This is what lower body took it. You choose what you want yeah ten seconds here.

You are working for that 15-second break. It comes in five four three two recover: oh okay, friend down to the ground, lying on your back, Oh catch! Your breath, time’s up leg, do up. Tricep leg lowers you’re on in three two one, so I’m working my triceps, adding in some ABS, yeah nice work, low, back, drive them to mat modification bend.

The knees right here. Tap boom tap boom, just bending at the elbows tricep low abs, big, inhale on the way down. Exhale the push-up keep your heart rate a chance to come down you let it come down to it head somewhere to go, and these circuits now workouts.

Yes, you got it come on stay with me. Hah feel those low abs feel those triceps. Yes, five more seconds. Yes, you can four five four three two stand it up find both weights looks like this hop forward.

Hop back bicep, curl down hop forward, hop back bicep curl, that’s what we’re doing 45 seconds of it. You’Re on in three two. Here we go blow on the legs low in the legs. Curl set it down so now, not just slamming those weights on the ground.

No, you go down into the squat. Yes, a big curl, easy up back curl Museum down up back. How light can you land on those two come on get low on the legs? Biceps, you got it up back stay with me, fifteen more seconds here.

I feel that fire in my legs do you. I hope you do 20 minutes. That means we go hard. Come on three to recover 15 seconds off move number eight you’re getting their friends squad, curl, press, good old, squat, curl press.

We go down, we curl we punch down down you’re on in three two. Here we go squat hook, bicep curl overhead press down down down they punch as you go overhead I mean, I think, about really activating glutes squeeze squeeze glutes and core protect your low back weight stays in the heels.

If you are anything like me, you’re a breathing super heavy right now, yeah boom strength and cardio 20 minutes talk about a burn right here. That’S what this workout is. 20 minutes might be my new favorite format, for you guys.

I think I say that with every workout, but just true give me 5, 4, 3 2 recover weights go off to the side for this one, no weights body weight, not all shuffle right to step left to step right to tap.

That’S what we go you’re on in three two here we go right to hook now. This is 45 seconds. You’Re. Moving at your pace, don’t stick with me. You do you, okay, maybe you’re! Here you Tapani. Maybe you get all the way to the floor.

That is your goal. That is your challenge. 45 seconds. You are working for it come on stay in it with me. You get a longer break. You are working for a 60-second break right here. Yes, you can all up stay in it 15 seconds.

How low can you get? How fast can you move ten? I know you can do it. We are in it together, say with me five four, three, two great one-minute break. Oh, that feels good grab some water yeah. Alright, hi simple.

We repeat, those nine exercises same format, 45 seconds on 15 seconds. Rest, that’s your workout whoo! You guys! These workouts tell you what they’re no joke 20 minutes gonna work out, I’m gonna make it count.

No one thought it had to be an hour if you’re gonna go for 20 minutes. You got ta go hard with me: okay, heavy rap catch, your breath, 15 seconds of rest left and then we’re right back into it, starting with that lunge lunge thruster, not picking up my weight, so I have to okay grab them.

Lunge lunge thruster you’re on in five set it up three two: here we go so you step back to lunge, step back to lunge. Give me a squat press. The overhead big push. Yes, lunge lunge big push down up, make it powerful lunge lunch down up.

You got it lunge lunge come on hanging. It big push. Yes, nice arc 45 seconds a long time right when you’re working. What 15 seconds right here stay with me feel those legs they’re on fire. You got five seconds finish strong three to finish: thruster break one weight down to the ground.

Push up row weight goes in the other hand, then you use last time right: okay, whoo, that fifteen seconds goes back cuz you’re on in three two. Here we go push up single arm row focus here. Take a nice wide base with your feet, so your hips take square.

The ground grow your option. You up to those knees, push up come back to the toes. If you can row other option right here on the knees, Sam’s knees for the row. Yes, you got it 45 seconds. Thanks right, hang in there, you got it whoo they’re, so stinking strong together June.

Yes, you can finish with me five seconds. All you got five. Four three two break burping, alternating snaps one way goes right to your legs, alternating snatch, all the way up overhead burpees in between yeah five seconds, you’re on.

Let’S do it three two here we go. Give me that big, powerful snatch add that per beat step back or hop. Next, you choose 45 seconds boom. It’S big! It’S explosive! Come on! Yes! Yes, you can. Yes, you can.

You are so stingy strong this. This is the move of an athlete. Yeah ask me, then, your own home, no one knows what you look like or what you’re doing, even if you all as fierce as you want to peel up hang in there, yes, ten more seconds right here, yes, you can give me five four three two recover: Who that balance deadlift? Okay, so I’m doing a my right leg weights in the left hand that balance deadlift up punch you’re on in three two here we go: try and find your balance option grab a kitchen countertop grab a chair, throw a stool now think about the muscles you’re working Right here this is hamstring back of my right leg.

This is core shoulders right. There, hamstring core shoulders, yes, find a focal point on the ground that you can stick with and stick with it find that balance tap. When you need to beauty about this workout, you need to come back and redo it yeah.

That means you’re. Only gonna get better. It’S not gonna get easier. You’Re just gonna go heavier in weight. You’Re gonna stop tapping. You got three two brick wood chops, that good old Wood chop. So let me show it to you right here: this is the upper body boom boom.

More back that little flap that hangs over your bra. This is more lower body. Do you choose what you want? I’M gonna go half and half you’re on three to go. I’M going for those jacks right away. Boom boom hit and lower buddy.

First, I’m gonna go till that heart rate really spikes boom-boom big, powerful. Yes, hang in there, I’m gonna do three more right here. Three, I’m gonna. What’S up and two one go double chop that like boom, make a powerful come on big axe swing it it’s hard and heavy seconds.

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Let’S go back to house come on five. Four three two hi-yah break: you go, lay down good news, good news for you and for me, tricep leg lowers abs and tricep legs go straight up. Triceps bend extend three two here we go bend at the elbows, lift and press inhale on the down.

Exhale use your breath to push that weight overhead to lift those legs up. Belly stays nice and tight low back drives into that mat. Underneath you then Shh push again this one, not a speed game. Okay, your option alternate your leg, lowers you’re, trying to get straight legs and you’re, not there yet give me alternating ones, yeah great option.

You guys come on ten more seconds, keep moving. You got it. Yes, you can hang in there five four three two one back up front back squat with that curl so set your man we’ll wait here. You’Re set your web about the set your weight towards the back here.

Matt get low in that squat drop back hop and a bicep curl III. Here we go hop up hop back. Give me a curl set them down softly hook back curl got this awesome big mat here. You can jump off your mat if you’re at home yeah, you do you say hello and those like strength and cardio right here ha come on, knock it out.

Okay, this is number seven of nine. That means two moves left after this. You are crushing this workout. Yes, come on ten seconds right here. How low can you get in those like? Yes, five, four three, two best spot curl press, yeah, the basics, but man when you’re tired, they feel challenging.

Yes, grab some water, shake it off five seconds: squat, cold press finish strong friends: let’s go three two here we go feet are shoulder width distance apart, curl press down down; squat curl punch, it’s basic, but man is it efficient and that’s what you got to do When you only have twenty twenty minutes really have twenty minutes, it’s got to be efficient.

That’S why I love strength and cardio, so I were doing this right now this. This is my only workout today, friends, this one right here: boom boom boom ten seconds. Yes, you can, let’s move with the weight finish five.

Four three two we got ta finish that press off finish it off come on weights, are down alright grab some water, no wait! Big shuffles, I’m gonna start over here. I move it to the right big shuffles tap the floor.

Lat move come on you’re on in three two: let’s go move last move your last 45. Second, your last chance keep your heart rate up right here. In this moment. This is it you got ta move! You got ta burn it out, don’t leave anything left nope.

This is it right here, stay low, move that stay low go fast. My new motto huh come on boom. Yes, you can 15 seconds I’m moving with you. Every step do not quit on me. Not now. You are stronger than that you’re better than that ten seconds.

What do you got? Show me five. Four, three, two break: yes, you guys high five crushed it crushed it crushed it. Oh quick, cool down, yeah shake it out. Okay, backside shoulder with this inspire, let’s breathe and catch that breath again, yeah big exhale.

Do it again: big inhale big exhale, one more big inhale hold it here, sink that bottom of that squat nice and wide. Can you dig those elbows into those inner thighs yogi squat feels good open up. Those hips keep the head above the heart, while you’re still breathin like it’s like a maniac like me.

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If you feel good about it, plant your hands to the ground, sudden hips high open up the back of the legs roll up one vertebrae at a time, nice work, let’s go for a good old stretch, right arm out, left arm, fellows push away open up that Back push push push towards me: reverse it right arm back laughter, fellows, inhale, chest expansion.

You want to drop it down forward fold with the chest: expansion sway it out. Yes, that feels so good yeah. Okay, so I stand up tall right here. We’Re gonna go side to side just hit those inner thighs again like we didn’t we’re off push it out.

You guys awesome work. Thank you so much for joining me. This 20 minutes went fast. I hope you come back and do it again walk it in that is our workout. Thank you so much to prove thee for partnering with me on this workout again, you can check them out at Prudie comm premium apparel discount prices.

Those are my kind of people. Have an awesome day, you guys come back more workouts on nourishment love, calm, whoo have a good one. You

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