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3 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies | High Protein | Low Carb I Weight Loss

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Guys, when you’re, not in the mood for something Savory smoothies, will always hit the spot. Hey guys welcome back to my channel, I’m Mayra from low carb love, and today I’m going to show you three smoothies that I like to have throughout the year that are super creamy and don’t have banana.

Now these are going to be low, carb they’re, going to be high in protein and super super delicious. Now for this one here it might seem a little plain because it is a berry smoothie, but I’m telling you this is the perfect recipe.

Now you can do just strawberries or just blueberries. I have both so I’m using both, but I’m also using Greek yogurt instead of protein powder. Now, if you prefer to use protein powder, then of course you can add that or omit the Greek yogurt and then just use a protein powder.

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Now for this one here we are using Greek yogurt, so we’re going to start with that add in our Greek yogurt. This is just an unsweetened unflavored Greek yogurt. Then we have our frozen blueberries. Frozen.

Strawberries might have been sitting out for a few minutes, but if you get them right out of the freezer, it also really helps with the texture. Now, for the sweetener, you can use your sweetener of choice.

You can use honey maple, I’m actually using a sugar-free honey and I will leave it linked in the description below. So you guys know exactly what I’m using and then our almond milk, so you can just use your milk of choice.

Now, I’m going to add a few cubes of ice you won’t have to if your fruit is frozen and you use it right out of the freezer, but mine did sit out for a little. So I’m throwing in a few cubes of ice. Okay and that’s it.

We’Re just gonna blend, and here we are look at that creaminess guys, I’m telling you the perfect berry smoothie. Our next smoothie is a peanut butter smoothie. Now this is definitely one of my favorites.

I am obsessed with peanut butter. Now, the only thing I will say is when you are making a peanut butter, smoothie just make sure you’re reading your labels, some Brands include hydrogenated oils palm oil sugar, where you don’t need any of that guys.

All of those ingredients are just really bad for your gut, so you guys know that I’ve been on my gut health Journey for about two years now, so I’ve made a lot of these changes. I’Ve also Incorporated my supplements, like you guys know, I talk about it.

All the time I love my probiotic and Prebiotic, I take the DS1 symbiotic by seed. I actually took it this morning. If you guys don’t have a high quality, probiotic and Prebiotic. I will leave the one that I use Linked In the description below.

They are doing a 30 discount this month. They don’t ever do 30. So if you don’t have a high quality, probiotic and Prebiotic that you trust, I’m telling you this here is a place to start, but always remember.

Seventy percent of our immune system lives in our gut, so I used to have issues with inflammation. I used to get bloated after I ate hair falling out dry patches all over my skin. So this has really really just made a huge difference in my life and then also incorporating healthy things like smoothies that have really really high quality ingredients.

A lot of the recipes I show you here on the channel are recipes that I’ve made to really help me on my gut health Journey. So if you have any questions about gut health or anything like that, leave them in the comments below, because then I can see how many of you guys are interested in that topic, and then I can make a separate video anyway.

We’Re going to go ahead and get started on our peanut butter smoothie, so we have our unsweetened almond milk and of course you can always use your milk of choice. I’M that’s just what I’m using. Then we have our vanilla protein powder and then we have our peanut butter.

You can add again your sweetener of choice or a little honey. The only thing I do for the peanut butter is, I love adding ice, so that is completely optional. Really just depends on how you, like your smoothies, I like mine, to be ice cold, so we’re gonna add in a little ice, and I ended up adding just a little bit more milk and our ice right and now all right now for the texture.

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Can you see that and then our fancy Glass Straw Gorge now moving on to the last and now we’re finishing off with another gut friendly smoothie recipe? This is kind of like a green goddess. Smoothie I feel like I don’t know which one is more popular.

The green or the peanut butter, which one do you think it’s kind of hard for me to pick and choose because I love them both. I think I would I Micah with the peanut butter if I had to choose, but this one is so delicious super nutritious and again just really really good for your gut.

So we’re just tossing everything right in we have our spinach all right. So you want a good amount of spinach in there. Then we have our Avocado. Now avocado is full of healthy fats. It is not only is it going to keep you full longer, but it also adds to the texture.

So this is what’s going to give your smoothie kind of like that banana texture, but without all the sugar. So we’re going to add in our avocado our vanilla protein powder, we’re going to add in our almond milk.

We have our sweetener and guys do not judge me. I know this is a green. Smoothie usually does not have ice, but I need my drinks to be cold, so I’m adding a few cubes of ice, let’s blend and now for the texture and take a look.

It is so delicious. This is the only green smoothie recipe you will need and I will leave everything linked: the cups, the straws protein. But now you have a delicious berry, smoothie peanut butter, smoothie and the perfect Green Goddess, smoothie, alright guys so before we do the taste test.

I do want to do question of the day and today’s question comes from Rosebud underscore Annie. How tall are you? I am five ten and a half that is my exact height without shoes standing up as straight as I can, but I say 511, because people usually think I’m like six feet tall.

So five, ten and a half is my exact height. So if you guys want me to answer your question, leave it down in the comments below and I will choose someone for the next video okay, so we have our three smoothies now.

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The only thing left to do is a taste test. I don’t know which one I love more green or peanut butter. Now Berry is always kind of like a staple. I think if you love berries and that’s just it, but I if I’m ordering one at Whole Foods or at like a Jamba Juice or something like that, it’s gonna be peanut butter or the green.

So um guys, I’m telling you smoothies. Are it on those days when you’re not craving a Savory meal? Smoothies are the answer: they’re nutritious they’re, delicious and they’re filling guys it’s a win-win across the board, all right guys, so I’m gonna go ahead and leave the recipes in the description below.

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I love you and I will see you on my next video

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