Life too busy to workout? We’ve got something to help

Life too busy to workout? We’ve got something to help

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Ladies, trust me, we get it. You have a list as long as your arm of things you have to do, and none of them involve looking after yourself. The trouble is, that you want to exercise, but the idea of fitting a workout into your day seems impossible. Understandably, on some days that will the case.
However, it’s really important that you make time to look after yourself. For many women out there, exercise is something we know we should do, but it always ends up at the bottom of the list below work, house chores, and children.
We’re then not shocked to find out that a study has revealed that 47% of women say they don’t do any sort of regular exercise. Maybe it’s because we found it easier when we were all in lockdown and there were plenty of home workout videos to choose from. Over the pandemic, many influencers and fitness lovers released videos that were friendly for all ages, sizes, and fitness levels.

The government recommends that we aim to get at least 150 minutes of exercise every week, but that seems virtually impossible alongside all the demands you have. Although, when you break it down, 150 minutes of activity is 30 minutes, five days a week, which to some seems much less overwhelming.
However, it is also possible to half the target to 75 minutes, but only if you exercise vigorously. If you’re up to a world of pain and sweat, then maybe that is the option for you.
Burpees? No, thank you

Who thought that jumping in the air, going down into a press-up, and coming up again would actually be an enjoyable exercise? There are many of us who will avoid high-impact exercises and the idea of weight lifting isn’t going down well either.
It may be the same group who avoid intense exercise, but there are also plenty of us that find the gym a scary place to go. It’s rammed with skinny women, big bulging men, and physical perfection. All of which are very intimidating, especially if you’re holding onto a little extra weight. For whatever reason, there is this unspoken expectation to keep up with all the latest trends in activewear too. Why? We have no idea.

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The way to skip the gym and still get exercise is by working out in the comfort of your own home. Typically, this involves online videos that claim to be aimed at “beginners”, when in actual fact they require levels of fitness and knowledge that many don’t have, especially those new to exercising.
Move, move, move
Apparently, the key to getting moving is finding ways to build activities, that fit into your life. You’ll need to be making sure you’re doing your daily steps as well as adding some healthy habits into your routine. The most effective exercises are the “composite” ones, and that is because they can work several muscles at the same time.
Seven minutes have been put down as the perfect amount of time to exercise. Five minutes doesn’t seem enough and 10 minutes can feel too much. Not just that, but no matter how busy you are, everyone is capable of finding seven minutes in your day to achieve the results you want. If you do the right exercises within that time you can really up your fitness level, increase your strength, and lose weight.
Standing leg kicks would be a great exercise to make use of that seven minutes (we’ll tell you more about this later). Not only do they help build up strength in your arms and legs, but they also work your abdomen and butt. This will all help to improve your balance and raise your heart rate to burn calories and improve fitness.
As you’re just using your body for the moves, there is no need for any special kind of equipment or clothing. Another great bonus is that they can do done anytime, anywhere. The exercise may look simple, but it is very effective. For some, the key is exercising without even knowing you’re doing it. It’s important to keep things simple and that targets remain realistic, it’s doing something that counts. Responsibilities at work and tasks at home may seem important, and they are, but it’s your health that should be at the top of your list.
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Just seven minutes is all it takes

No matter how long you workout for, or how hard you push yourself, everyone feels better after getting their body moving. Surely, even with the busiest of schedules, you’ve got seven minutes somewhere in your day to workout?
Now, we’re going to give you the perfect seven-minute workout, and it’s guaranteed to get your heart going. Before starting anything, warm up by marching on the spot for 30 seconds, then do the exercises in order. Follow each exercise for a full minute and then stretch out your muscles when you’ve finished.
Leg kicks
So, in the first minute, you’re going to do the leg kicks we mentioned earlier. These elevate your heart rate and strengthen your core which will improve your flexibility and balance.

Stand up straight and ensure your core and glutes are engaged
Swing one leg up as high as you can,

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