What are you willing to do to achieve your weight loss goals?

What are you willing to do to achieve your weight loss goals?

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What are you willing to do to achieve your weight loss goals? I’ve asked myself pretty regularly which diet is best, which book I would recommend, and which exercise program I should follow. People think they can just buy a book to read, and then some kind of magic happens where reading makes their fat magically disappear. Well, I’m here to give you the news: investing $40 in your weight loss book is just the beginning, there’s a lot of hard work and other costs involved. Time Investment Time invested in your education (reading, watching videos, etc.), Time spent on cardio and strength training. You spend time creating your new meal plans and preparing these meals a day or more in advance. It’s time to do more laundry because you’ve suddenly become more active on your weight loss journey. I ask you: What is your favorite TV series? How much TV do you watch in a given week? 1 hour? Six? Are you willing to give up the TV to have one?

Educate yourself about nutrition

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Taking time off to go to the gym and prepare food for the next day? If not, don’t you bother buying books that recommend diet and exercise programs? It takes time to prepare food for 5 or 6 meals a day and go to the gym once or twice a day. Losing weight takes time. The quality of food you put into your body is directly proportional to the quality of your cells. It is your cells that produce energy and keep your various body systems running. If they get the best food, they can regenerate and be healthy. Conversely, inferior food produces an inferior cell. A poor-quality cell is unable to produce energy or dispose of waste materials properly, which then leads to illness and disease. When I was talking to a colleague about his nutrition program and how he can adjust his diet to improve his health, burn fat, exercise more, and reach his weight loss goals, I suggested a few new products. Oatmeal, some

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Whole grain wraps, spring salad with essential fatty acids, almond butter and whole grain basmati rice were some of the favorites. You didn’t tell me how expensive it would be! was his answer. Well, I don’t think it’s expensive, so I wouldn’t have said it was expensive. Our cells are our power plants in our body. Our body rebuilds itself every day and every hour. Our skeleton renews itself once a year and the muscles of our stomach and intestines renew every 3 to 4 days, so it only makes sense to give it the highest quality food. Or? You will probably come to the same conclusion as most other people. The food I put into my body keeps my body healthy and I have to be careful about what I eat. Whole grain oat flakes cost more money than cocoa balls. Raw almonds cost more than hickory smoked almonds and you probably never knew what essential fats or probiotics were. Weight loss requires an investment in food. Reduce your expenses to achieve your goal. If you are not financially able to increase the amount of food you eat or the quality of food you eat (organic food), what are you willing to do to make this happen? Are you ready to cut other costs? Are you ready to have yours?
Increase sales at your job or home business to afford this new change? The first sensible step is to make some changes or replacements. Be mindful of nutrient-poor foods during the day – think snacks, junk food, coffee, soda, cigarettes (I hope you quit smoking), milk or dairy products, alcohol, vitamins, stomach, Rolaids, Pepto-Bismol, etc. and see how much you spend daily or monthly. Are you ready to replace these with more nutritious, higher quality foods that will help you reach your weight loss goals? For some people, this thought can be scary. Others take on the challenge willingly because they are truly committed to their weight loss goals and are willing to do whatever it takes! Changing and replacing is the easiest. Weight loss requires sacrifice. Invest in yourself, your body, your mind, your soul and that

Becoming the best you can be is the best investment you can make. Make the decision to eat the cleanest foods you can, make the healthiest choices you can, start switching from nutritious foods to nutritious foods, and let go of negativity in your life. Weight loss is easy but requires some investment. Eat well, be healthy Rob Cooper

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